Hartlip Methodist Church & Retreat Centre



We at Hartlip like to think that Hartlip Church has always been a place of welcome and hospitality since it was first built by the Bible Christians in 1820. It is our experience, passed on by generations of faithful congregations, that people like coming to Hartlip, people simply like being there. It always was and still is a place of calm and peace – a place where visitors, in particular, describe Hartlip as Holy Ground and a place of constant welcome.

Today we are privileged to welcome visitors to our uniquely designed chapel and retreat centre (as part of the North Kent Methodist Circuit), located in the deepest northern Kentish countryside, close to the dip slopes of the North Downs. Not far from the old Roman London to Dover road (A2), we are more or less at the halfway point of that historical route.

Why not join us for our Service on Sunday evenings at 6.30pm

Hartlip Methodist Church

The Street

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